ESPN Playoff Baseball Classic

Fall is here and that means playoff baseball! Compete for up to $5,000! This page will be updated prior to each round. You can complete your own entry by going under Fantasy section on ESPN and clicking the ESPN Playoff Baseball Classic link.

Question 1:Who will win the World Series?

Answer: Los Angeles Dodgers

Question 2: Will either starting pitcher record the win in Game 1?
Answer: Yes
Question 3:Which of these players will record the most total bases in Game 2?
Answer: Mookie Betts

Question 4:Will any player record 3+ hits in Game 3?

Answer: No
Question 5:How many home runs will be hit in Game 4?
Answer: 3 or more

Question 6: Who will win World Series MVP?


Answer: Any Other Player

Question 7: Who will record more RBIs in the World Series?

Answer: Cody Bellinger

Question 8:Who will record more strikeouts in the World Series?

Answer: Tyler Glasnow

Question 9: Who will record a lower ERA in the World Series?

Answer: Walker Buehler
Question 10: How many games will be played in the World Series?

Answer: 7


Answer: 141 hits
Ranking: 8111
Percentile: 90.6%
Points in Prior Round: 50
Total Contest Points: 160