Fox Sports Super 6 (Saturday – College)

Fox Sports Super 6 (Saturday – College Week 3)

This page is based off the Fox Sports Super 6 Picks App that can be downloaded in the app store. This particular page is for the Saturday College Football portion of the contest.

Game: Kansas State @ Oklahoma

Pick: Oklahoma State by 28-35 points

Game: Florida @ Ole Miss

Pick: Florida by 14-17 points

Game: Kentucky @ Auburn

Pick: Auburn by 10-13 points

Game: Louisville @ Pittsburgh

Pick: Pittsburgh by 4-6 points

Game:  Iowa State @ TCU

Pick: Iowa State by 1-3 points

Game: Texas @ Texas Tech

Pick: Texas by 18-21 points


Last Week Points: 12 of 30

Last Week Ranking: 45.8K  out of 89K


Special: Kansas State @ Oklahoma

Question: Who will be leading at the end of the first half?

Answer: Oklahoma

Question: What will be the highest scoring quarter?

Answer 2nd Quarter

Question: How will the first touchdown of the second quarter be scored?

Answer: Oklahoma passing

Question: How many points will be scored in the game?

Answer: 51+ points

Question: What will be the last scoring play of the game?

Answer: Oklahoma Touchdown

Question: Who will win the game?

Answer: Oklahoma

Last Week Points: –

Last Week Ranking: –