Fox Sports Super 6 (NFL Thursday)

Fox Sports Super 6 Picks (Week 14 – NFL Thursday)

This page is based off the Fox Sports Super 6 Picks App that can be downloaded in the app store. This particular page is for the Thursday night football portion of the contest.

Game featured this week: Dallas Cowboys @ Chicago Bears


Question: Who will catch or rush for the Bears first touchdown?

Answer: B – Allen Robinson 

Question: Who will catch or rush for the Cowboys first touchdown?

Answer: B – Amari Cooper

Question: How many total points will be scored in the 1st half?

Answer: D – 15-20 points

Question: How will the 1st touchdown of the 3rd quarter be scored?

Answer: D – Cowboys passing

Question: How many passing touchdowns will be thrown?

Answer: E – 4 touchdowns

Question: Which team will win and by how many points?

Answer: D – Cowboys by 7-14 points

Score from Week 11 Thursday Night Game: 0-6

Score for 2019 Season (starting week 2): 14-52