Fox Sports Super 6 (NFL Thursday)

Fox Sports Super 6 Picks (NFL Thursday)

This page is based off the Fox Sports Super 6 Picks App that can be downloaded in the app store. This particular page is for the Thursday night football portion of the contest.

Game featured this week:  Washington @ Dallas Cowboys

Question: What will the last scoring play of the first half be?

Answer: Cowboys FG

Question: How will the first TD of the third quarter be scored?

Answer: Cowboys Rushing

Question: How many different players will score a TD in the game?

Answer: 4

Question: How many total points will be scored in the game?

Answer: 40 or less

Question: Who will have the most yards and how many yards will they have?

Answer: Dallas Cowboys, 381-400

Question: Which team will win and by how many points?

Answer: Dallas Cowboys by 5-6 points

Points last Thursday: 5 of 10

Last Thursday Ranking: 128.5K out of 868K