MLB Quick Pick

Play MLB Quick Pick by making 7 picks on what will happen across the league. Try to get all 7 right! My entry will be posted each remaining day of the season. You can play via the MLB website or by entering this link:

Date: Tuesday October 27th, 2020

Question 1: Will the Dodgers beat the Rays in Game 6 of the World Series today and clinch their 1st championship since 1988?

Answer: No

Question 2: At least 1 run has been scored in the top of the 1st inning in 4 straight games this World Series. Will the Rays score in the top of the 1st in Game 6?

Answer: Yes

Question 3: The Dodgers’ Corey Seager is 2 RBIs away from tying David Freese (2011) for the most in a single postseason. How many RBIs will Seager have today in Game 6?

Answer: Zero

Question 4: The Rays’ Randy Arozarena now holds the single-postseason record for hits (27) and home runs (9). How many total bases will Arozarena record in Game 6?

Answer: 1-2

Question 5: How many strikeouts will Rays starter Blake Snell and Dodgers starter Tony Gonsolin have today in their rematch from Game 2?

Answer: 8,3

Question 6: How many relief pitchers will the Dodgers and Rays combine to use today in Game 6?

Answer: 9

Question 7: How many total stolen bases will the Rays and Dodgers combine for in Game 6?

Answer: 3


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