NBA Pick’em Primetime Picks

NBA Pick’em: Primetime Picks Thursday June 13th

Match-Up of the Night: NBA Finals – Game 6 – Raptors @ Warriors


Question: Which team will shoot a better field goal percentage?

Answer: Golden State Warriors

Question: Which player will score more points? Kawahi Leonard or Stephen Curry?

Answer: Stephen Curry

Question: Will Darymond Green dish more than 8 assists?

Answer: No

Question: Which team will force more turnovers?

Answer: Toronto Raptors

Question: Which team will win this game?

Answer: Golden State Warriors



Previous Night’s Primetime Pick-em Record: 2-3

Previous Night’s Primetime Pick-em Point Total: 200

Primetime Pick-em Record for Season: 15-12

NBA Pick-em total points for the season: 4700

Pick-em Ranking: 8656


Picks for that nights match-up will be posted by noon central of that day or as soon as I see that has updated the page.