Playoff Hockey Pick’em

Make picks throughout hockey’s postseason. Compete for a chance to win guaranteed cash prizes every round! This is a copy of my entry. You can make you own entry by clicking the Playoff Hockey Pick’em link under the ESPN fantasy tab. I will update this page with each round.

Question 1: Who will win the championship?

Answer: Tampa Bay Lightning
Question 2: Will either team win each of the first two games in the Final?

Answer: No
Question 3:Will there be a shutout in any game of the Final?
Answer: No
Question 4: Who will record more saves in the Final?

Answer: Anton Khudobin
Question 5:Which of these players will record the most points in the Final?
Answer: Nikita Kucherov
Question 6:Who will win the playoffs Most Valuable Player award?
Answer: Any Other Player
Question 7:How many goals will be scored in the Final?

Answer: 27 or more

Question 8: How many games will be played in the Final?

Answer: 6 Games
Question 9: Who will score more goals in the Final?
Answer: Victor Hedman

Question 10: How many different players will score a goal in the Final?

Answer: 14-17 Players

Tiebreaker: How many shots on goal will be recorded in the Final?

Answer: 550
Rank: 231
Percentage: 99.4%
Points: 260