Sunday Night 7

Sunday Night 7

This page is for the Sunday Night 7 contest based off Sunday Night Football each week. The contest is found in the NBC Sports predictor app that can be downloaded in the app store.

Week 12 Match-up: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

Question 1: First touchdown of the game?

Answer: Todd Gurley II

Question 2: More Passing yards? Passing touchdowns?

Answer: Jared Geoff, Russell Wilson

Question 3: Total passing touchdowns in the game?

Answer: 5 touchdowns 

Question 4: Most rushing yards?

Answer: Todd Gurley

Question 5: Most receiving yards?

Answer: Cooper Kupp

Question 6: Longest field goal in the game?

Answer: 50-54 yards

Question 7: Winner? Margin?

Answer: Seahawks by 7-9 points

Points earned in previous week: 10

Points earned for season: 220