12:10 am
June 12

UFC 263 (Middleweight Title Fight): (C) Adesanya v. #3 Vettori

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

(C) Israel Adesanya (NGR)

#3 Marvin Vettori (ITA)


Current odds:

Israel Adesanya: (-250)

Marvin Vettori: (+200)


Just out of sheer toughness and consistency, Vettori has a solid shot to trouble Adesanya. He can eat big shots, push forward, and make Adesanya pay for his tendency to get out of position defensively on the back foot.

At 185 and since that first Vettori fight Adesanya has been close to impossible to takedown and garner any sort of meaningful control time. Vettori may land a few strikes on Adesanya but eat far more in return.

StreakSmarter Pick
(C) Israel Adesanya (NGR)