10:40 pm
June 12

UFC 263 (Welterweight): #9 Maia v. #12 Muhammad

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

#9 Demian Maia (BRA)

#12 Belal Muhammad (USA)


Current odds:

Demian Maia: (+187)

Belal Muhammad: (-225)


Muhammad is no kind of finisher and Maia still had great early success against Gilbert Burns before getting sparked.

The big thing is that given Muhammad’s own strong grappling defense, and Maia’s tendency to need to grind his way to victory rather than snatching up the instant sub, it feels like a strong start just won’t be enough. If Maia starts to flag going into the second and third rounds, Muhammad will be right there pouring busy striking volume on him.

StreakSmarter Pick
#12 Belal Muhammad (USA)