9:40 pm
May 8

UFC Fight Night (Welterweight): #9 Magny v. #10 Neal

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

#9 Neil Magny (USA)

#10 Geoff Neal (USA)


Current odds:

Neil Magny: (+162)

Geoff Neal: (-188)


While it’s definitely powerful, Neal’s offense has been pretty one-dimension to date. But he’s thrived, in part, because he’s also very difficult to dissuade from that offense. Opponents who don’t want to have a boxing match with Neal are going to find themselves hard pressed to take him off his feet and keep him on the ground.

That said, Magny is a decently competent and very willing wrestler, so he’s almost certainly going to give that path a try. If it works, he’ll likely take the win.

StreakSmarter Pick
#10 Geoff Neal (USA)