ESPN College Football Pick’em (Week 1 – Spread) – (Page Under Construction)

ESPN College Football Pick’em (Week 7 – Spread)

This page is similar to the confidence entry that is posted each week – it also is based off the ESPN game. The only difference is that this page is based off the spread section whereas the confidence page is straight up.

Below is a copy of my entry for week 7:

Game: Penn State @ Michigan

Pick: Michigan -6.5

Game: Kansas @ Oklahoma

Pick: Kansas +6.5

Game: Iowa State @ Texas

Pick: Texas -14.5

Game: Old Dominion @ Coastal Carolina

Pick: Coastal Carolina -11.5

Game: Alabama @ Tennessee

Pick: Tennessee +6.5

Game: NC State @ Syracuse

Pick: NC State +4.5

Game: James Madison @ Georgia Southern

Pick: James Madison -10.5

Game: Mississippi State @ Kentucky

Pick: Kentucky +6.5

Game: Stanford @ Notre Dame

Pick: Notre Dame -15.5

Game: Nebraska @ Purdue

Pick: Purdue -12.5


Tiebreaker: Total points Alabama @ Tennessee?

Answer: 68  


Record: 27-22

Rank: 18,130

Percentile: 74.4%

Total: 270