ESPN ESPY Pick’em Contest

It’s time to celebrate this year’s greatest achievements in sports! Play for FREE and compete for $5,000 by picking who you think will win during the 2021 ESPYS Presented by Capital One. Watch LIVE Saturday, July 10th at 8pm ET on ABC.
To play ESPN ESPY Pick’em, you can either make an entry in the games section on the ESPN site or on the top of the streak page. Picks for the ESPY contest are as follows.
Question 1: ESPY Winner for “Best Athlete, Men’s Sports”

Answer: Tom Brady

Question 2: ESPY Winner for “Best Athlete, Women’s Sports”

Answer: Simone Biles

Question 3: ESPY Winner for “Best Breakthrough Athlete”

Answer: Justin Herbert

Question 4: ESPY Winner for “Best Game”

Answer: Men’s Final Four: Gonzaga defeats UCLA

Question 5: ESPY Winner for “Best Championship Moment”

Answer: Phil Mickelson

Question 6: ESPY Winner for “Best College Athlete, Men’s Sports”

Answer: DeVonta Smith

Question 7: ESPY Winner for “Best College Athlete, Women’s Sports”

Answer: Paige Bueckers

Question 8: ESPY Winner for “Best Record-Breaking Performance”

Answer: DeVonta Smith

Question 9: ESPY Winner for “Best Play”

Answer: Kyler Murray “Hail Mary” to DeAndre Hopkins

Question 10: ESPY Winner for “Best Team”

Answer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Question 11 (Tiebreaker):

Answer: 68