ESPN Monday Night Pick’em

Are you ready for some football? The following is my entry that will be updated each week for the Monday Night Pick’em Contest. You can make your own entry under the fantasy game contest tab on You can also access the contest off the Streak home page.

Monday Night Game: Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints

Question 1:ESPN Fan Pick: Who will win?

Answer: Miami Dolphins

Question 2:Who will score the first touchdown of the game?

Answer: Any Other Player


Question 3: Over/Under 3.5 receptions by Jaylen Waddle in the 1st Half?

Answer: Under


Question 4: Will there be a successful 4th down conversion in the 1st Half?

Answer: No

Question 5: Who will record the longest rushing play in the 1st Half?

Answer: Alvin Kamara

Question 6: What will occur first in the 2nd Half?


Answer: Ian Book INT / None Occur

Question 7: Who will record a sack first in the 2nd Half?

Answer: Saints Defense/No Sacks

Question 8: Over/Under 250.5 passing yards by Tua Tagovailoa?

Answer: Under


Question 9: Will Ian Book record a rushing touchdown?

Answer: No

Question 10: Who will record the most receiving yards in the game?

Answer: Jaylen Waddle

Question 11: How many touchdowns will Alvin Kamara score?

Answer: 1

Question 12: How many points will be scored?

Answer: 31-40


Answer: 580
Season Record: 87-93
Rank: 4532
Percentage: 99.1%
Points last week: 30
Season Points: 870