ESPN Playoff Basketball Battle (NBA Playoffs – Finals)

Play FREE for a chance at $40,000 throughout the playoffs! Answer questions in each round of the postseason and watch the action unfold live on ABC, ESPN and TNT starting on April 16th.
You can make your own entry via the ESPN streak or fantasy pages.
My entry for the Finals is as follows:
1. Who will win the NBA Finals?

Answer: Golden State Warriors

2. NBA Finals: Will Steph Curry and Jayson Tatum both score 20+ points in Game 1?

Answer:  Yes

3. NBA Finals: Over/Under 210.5 points scored in Game 2?

Answer: Under

4. NBA Finals: Will either team win by 10+ points in Game 3?

Answer: No

5. NBA Finals: Over/Under 25.5 made 3-pointers in Game 4?

Answer: Over 

6. NBA Finals: Who will score more points in the series?

Answer: Jaylen Brown

7. NBA Finals: Who will record more rebounds in the series?

Answer: Al Horford

8. NBA Finals: Who will record more assists in the series?

Answer: Draymond Green

9. NBA Finals: Who will make more 3-pointers in the series?

Answer: Jordan Poole

10. NBA Finals: Who will record more blocks + steals in the series?

Answer: Robert Williams III

11. NBA Finals: Will Jayson Tatum record a 40+ point game in the series?

Answer: Yes

12. NBA Finals: Over/Under 24.5 made 3-pointers by Steph Curry in the series?

Answer: Over

13. NBA Finals: Will any game go to overtime?

Answer: No

14. NBA Finals: Over/Under 1.5 games won by the road team?

Answer: Over

15. Who will win NBA Finals MVP?

Answer: Steph Curry

16. NBA Finals: How many games will be played?

Answer: 7

Answer: 222
Record: 30-18
Rank: 11526
Percentile: 89%
Total Points: 300
First Round Points: 120
Second Round Points: 100
Conference Final Points: 80
NBA Finals Points: