Fan Duel Mayans Opening Day Pick’Em

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This page is a direct copy of my entry for the Fan Duel Mayans Opening Day Pick’em Contest. You can make your own under the Fan Duel free games section.

Question #1: Which team will win this game?

Answer: New York Yankees

Question #2: How many runs will be scored in the Mets vs. Nationals game?

Answer: 7-8

Question 3: Will any pitcher record a save in the Mariners vs. Twins game?

Answer: Yes

Question 4: Will Salvador Perez hit a home run?

Answer: No

Question 5:How many runs will the Braves score against the Reds?

Answer: Over 4.5

Question 6: How many strikeouts will Shohei Ohtani record?

Answer: 8-9

Question 7:Which team will win this game?

Answer: Angels

Question 8:Will a player hit multiple home runs?

Answer: Yes

Question 9: What will be the most runs scored by a team in a single inning?

Answer: 6-7

Question 10: How many of Thursday’s games will go to extra innings?

Pick: 1

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