Fan Duel NFL HI Lo (Week 1)

This page is for the free Fan Duel NFL HI Lo Contest You can make your own entry by clicking free games on the fan duel site. Game is also listed under the Fanduel Free to Play Hub (F2P). Contest will run every Sunday during the season.

Play free for a chance at $10,000 in total prizes every Sunday. Pick the highest and lowest-performing NFL players across varying stat categories. The closer you are to actual results, the more points you get, and more points means a chance at a bigger prize!

This is a direct copy of my entry for Week 1:
Total Points High: Jacksonville Jaguars 
Total Points Low:  Arizona Cardinals
Individual Rushing Yards High: Derrick Henry  
Individual Rushing Yards Low:  Bijan Robinson
Individual Receiving Yards High: Justin Jefferson
Individual Receiving Yards Low: Cooper Kupp 
Prior week score: