Fan Duel NFL HI Lo

This page is for the free Fan Duel NFL HI Lo Contest You can make your own entry by clicking free games on the fan duel site. Game is also listed under the Fanduel Free to Play Hub (F2P). Contest will run every Saturday during the season.
Pick the teams in week 9 you think will score highest and lowest in each category for a FREE chance to win $1,000,000!
This is a direct copy of my entry for week 18:
Total Points High: Buffalo Bills
Total Points Low:  Jacksonville Jaguars
Passing Yards High: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Passing Yards Low: Houston Texans
Rushing Yards High: Indianapolis Colts
Rushing Yards Low: Atlanta Falcons
Sacks High: Pittsburgh Steelers
Sacks Low: Atlanta Falcons  
Prior week score: