Fan Duel: NBA Finals Perfect Picks – Game 5

Fan Duel: Daily Perfect Picks Contest

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It’s time for the NBA Finals and Perfect Picks is back with more exciting action. Just answer a few questions about the action between Denver and Miami and if you get a perfect score you win! Get your picks in before tip off for your chance to win a share of $10,000!


Date: Monday, June 12th, 2023

Contest will lock when the first game of the days contest begins.


1.Will Aaron Gordon have over 20.5 points plus rebounds?


Answer: Over 20.5

2. Will Nikola Jokic have over 23.5 rebounds plus assists?

Answer: Over 23.5

3. Will Jamal Murray have over 8.5 assists?

Answer: Over 8.5

4.Will Bam Adebayo have over 10.5 rebounds?

Answer: Over 10.5

5.Will Jimmy Butler score over 27.5 points?

Answer: Under 27.5

6.Will Max Strus hit over 1.5 threes?

Answer: Under 1.5

7.How many points will be scored in the Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat game?

Answer: Over 207.5
Total correct prior night: 5/7
Ranking prior night: 1,101