Fox Sports Super 6 (NBA)

This page is based off the Fox Sports Super 6 Picks App that can be downloaded in the app store. This particular page is for the NBA portion of the contest.

Game: Lakers @ Wizards

Pick: Lakers by 5-6 points

Game: Hawks @ 76ers

Pick: 76ers by 9-10 points

Game: Hornets @ Celtics

Pick: Celtics by 7-8 points

Game: Blazers @ Grizzles

Pick: Grizzlies by 3-4 points

Game: Pelicans @ Nuggets

Pick: Nuggets by 7-8 points

Game: Clippers @ Suns

Pick: Suns by 5-6 points

Points Last Contest: 14 of 30

Last Contest Ranking: 37.2K of 190K