Fox Sports Super 6 Picks (NFL Sunday)

Fox Sports Super 6 Picks (Week 17 – NFL Sunday)

This page is based off the Fox Sports Super 6 Picks App that can be downloaded in the app store. This particular page is for the Sunday portion of the contest.

Game: Cowboys @ Giants

Pick: Cowboys by 4-6 points

Game: Falcons @ Buccaneers

Pick: Buccaneers by 7-9 points

Game: Vikings @ Lions

Pick: Vikings by 7-9 points

Game: Dolphins @ Bills

Pick: Bills by 4-6 points

Game: Steelers @ Browns

Pick: Browns by 7-9 points

Game: Packers @ Bears

Pick: Packers by 4-6 points


Prior Week Point Total: 9 of 30

Prior Week Ranking: 837.8K out of 1.1  million