8:20 am
July 24

PGA 3M Open: Back-9 Birdies

How many BIRDIES will B. Grace and P. Casey record on the BACK 9? (Holes 10-18)

5 or Fewer

6 or More


In the first round, Grace had 2 birdies and Casey had 1 birdie on the Back-9.

In the first round, the back 9 holes ranked as follows: 10th: 11th hardest, 11th: 7th hardest, 12th: easiest, 13th: 4th hardest, 14th: 5th hardest, 15th: 6th easiest, 16th: tied 8th hardest, 17th: 6 hardest and 18th: 5th easiest.

StreakSmarter Pick
5 or Fewer