Hunch Pick Entry (College Basketball – 3/17/2023)

The following are my picks for the day for those who use Hunch sports predictor app:

Game: USC VS Michigan State

Pick: Michigan State

Game: Kennesaw State VS Xavier

Pick: Xavier

Game: UC Santa Barbra VS Baylor

Pick: Baylor

Game: VCU VS Saint Mary’s

Pick: Saint Mary’s

Game: Vermont VS Marquette

Pick: Marquette

Game: Pittsburgh VS Iowa State

Pick: Iowa State

Game: NC State VS Creighton

Pick: Creighton

Game: Iona VS UConn

Pick: UConn

Game: Fairleigh Dickinson VS Purdue

Pick: Purdue

Game: Providence VS Kentucky

Pick: Providence

Game: Drake VS Miami

Pick: Drake

Game: Grand Canyon VS Gonzaga

Pick: Gonzaga

Game: Florida Atlantic VS Memphis

Pick: Memphis

Game: Montana State VS Kansas State

Pick: Kansas State

Game: Kent State VS Indiana

Pick: Indiana

Game: Arizona State VS TCU

Pick: TCU

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