MLB Grand Slam Pick’em

This page is a copy of entry for the MLB Grand Slam Contest. You can complete your own entry in the NBC Sports predictor app.

My entry for this contest is as follows:

Question 1: Atlanta home runs @ Houston


Answer: 1


Question 2: Houston home runs VS Astros


Answer: 2


Question 3: Atlanta singles? doubles @ Houston?


Answer: 4, 2


Question 4: Houston singles? doubles VS Dodgers?


Answer: 4-5 singles, 3 doubles


Question 5: Atlanta strikeouts? earned runs VS Houston?


Answer: 10-11 strikeouts, 5-6 earned runs


Question 6: Astros strikeouts? earned runs allowed VS Braves?


Answer: 10 strikeouts, 3-4 earned runs


Points in prior contest: 10 

Points for season: 140

Rank in prior contest: 28,376 of 44,944