NBA Pick & Roll

This page is a copy of entry for the NBA Pick & Roll Contest. You can complete your own entry in the NBC Sports predictor app.

My entry for this contest is as follows:

Question 1: Warriors points against Memphis?

Answer: 115-119

Question 2: Warriors assists against Memphis?

Answer: 26-28

Question 3: Warriors three pointers against Memphis?

Answer: 16-17

Question 4: Warriors rebounds against Memphis?

Answer: 48-50

Question 5: Memphis rebounds against Golden State?

Answer: 0-40

Question 6: Memphis assists against Golden State?

Answer: 23-24

Question 7: Total points?

Answer: 224-229

Question 8: Winner? Margin?

Answer: Golden State by 7-8 points

Points earned in last contest: 35

Points earned for Season: 160