NBC Sports Predictor College Basketball Pick & Roll Contest

This page is for the NBC Sports Predictor for the College Basketball Pick & Roll Contest:

Question: Winner (Miami @ Duke)

Answer: Duke

Question: Margin of Victory (Miami @ Duke)

Answer: 8-9

Question: Total points (Miami @ Duke)

Answer: 150-156

Question: Winner (TCU @ KU)

Answer: Kansas

Question: Margin of Victory (TCU @ Kansas)

Answer: 7-8

Question: Total points (TCU @ Kansas)

Answer: 144-148

Question: Winner (UCLA @ Arizona)

Answer: Arizona

Question: Margin of Victory (UCLA @ Arizona)

Answer: 3

Question: Total points (UCLA @ Arizona)

Answer: 153-157


Points Prior Contest: 10

Points for Season: 10

Ranking Prior Contest: 21,625 of 31,928