NBC Sports Predictor College Football Playoff National Championship Game (TCU VS Georgia)

This is a copy of my entry for the NBC Sports predictor contest based on the National Championship Game between Georgia and TCU.

Question 1: TCU passing yards?

Answer: <240

Question 2: Georgia passing yards?

Answer: 280-309

Question 3: TCU rushing yards?

Answer: 150-179

Question 4: Georgia rushing yards?

Answer: 170-189

Question 5: TCU passing completions?

Answer: 17-18

Question 6: Georgia passing completions?

Answer: 23-24

Question 7: Total Points TCU VS Georgia?

Answer: 64

Question 8: Margin of Victory?

Answer: 7-10 points

Points scored in prior contest: –

Points scored for season: –

Ranking in prior contest: –