NFL Knockout Contest (Divisional Sunday)

NFL Knockout Contest


1. Make your selection for each pick by swiping left or right or pressing the button!

2. Questions are in a set order, and are worth a set amount of points which you receive if you get them correct. Earn bonus points if you get consecutively ordered questions correct!

3.  Compete weekly on the leaderboard for Major & Minor prizes. There is also a prize for the season-long winner!

You can make your own entry either on the NFL website or the NFL App that can be downloaded in the App Store. Below is a copy of my answers for my Divisional Sunday:

Answer #1: Bills

Answer #2: More

Answer #3: Less/No Rush

Answer #4: Burrow/Tie

Answer #5: Bills

Answer #6: More

Answer #7: More

Answer #8: No

Answer #9: No

Answer #10: 49ers

Tiebreaker: 102.4

Current Rank: 581

Points for prior week: 37

Rank for prior Week: 3434

Total points for the season: 1000