NHL Hat Trick

NHL Hat Trick

The goal of the game is to correctly answer game related in a day to score a “Hat Trick.” There are three new questions each day and each question has only one right answer. The app for the game can be downloaded in the app store.

There are two ways to get a “Hat Trick.” 1) Having an actual on ice hat trick occur in that nights NHL action. 2) Answer all three questions correctly.

Questions for September 28th, 2020

Question 1: Which team will win? (Tampa Bay Lightning V Dallas Stars)

Question 2: Will Corey Perry score at least 1 goal?

Question 3: Will  Brayden Point score at least 1 point?


Ben’s Answers:

Answer 1: Vegas Golden Knights

Answer 2: Yes

Answer 3: Yes

This Week:

Rank: 36

Total Hat Tricks: 1

Points: 4

This Period:

Rank: 3974

Total Hat Tricks: 5

Points: 22


Rank: 18298

Total Hat Tricks: 74

Points: 266


Tim’s Answers:

Answer 1: Tampa Bay Lightning

Answer 2: No

Answer 3: Yes


This Week:

Rank: 7949

Total Hat Tricks: 0

Points: 7

This Period:

Rank: 147

Total Hat Tricks: 15

Points: 68


Rank: 2257

Total Hat Tricks: 106

Points: 335