Packers Predict (Week 1 Contest @ Bears)

Packers Predict (Week 1 Contest @ Bears)

This page is a copy of my entry for this week’s Packer’s predict contest. You can make your own entry at and get yourself entered in for both weekly and year-long prizes.

There will be additional questions posted at halftime each week that I will also post my answers to so be sure to check back at halftime. The questions posted pregame will lock at kickoff.

Question: Welcome to Packers Predict presented by CENEX! It’s Week 1 of the 2023 season. Who gets the win?

Answer: Packers win by 4-7

Question: Will Aaron Jones score a rushing touchdown in the first half against the Bears?

Answer: Yes

Question: How many passing touchdowns will Jordan Love tally against the Bears?

Answer: 2

Question: What will be the outcome of the Packers’ first offensive drive of the game?

Answer: Punt

Question: Which team will force a turnover first?

Answer: Packers

Question: How many punt-return yards will the Packers and Bears combine for in the first half?

Answer: 20-25

Question:Which Packers wide receiver will catch the most passes in the first half?

Answer: Jayden Reed

Question: Now for the Cenex® 2X Power Up! YOUR LOCAL CENEX IS JUST AROUND EVERY CORNER. How many total touchdowns will the Packers score against the Bears?

Answer: 3

Question:The longest field goal made by either team in the game will be…

Answer: 41-50
Question: How many points will the Packers score in the second half?
Answer: 11-14
Question: Which player will register the longest reception against the Cowboys?
Answer: Tie or Other
Question: How many sack yards will the Packers’ defense accumulate against the Cowboys?
Answer: 10 or Fewer
Question: How many rushing yards will the Packers gain in the second half?
Answer: 61-75
Question: How many second-half turnovers will the Packers’ defense generate during the second half?
Answer: 1
Question: How many first downs will the Packers record during the game?
Answer: 15-18
Question: How many total points (Packers & Cowboys combined) will be scored in the game?
Answer: 40-48
Rank: 3,670
Points: 158,592
Correct: 36