11:00 am
May 12

The Price Is Right: Car

Will a contestant WIN a CAR in today’s episode?

Yes: Car won in episode

No: No car won in episode


The main part of the  show is divided into two half’s of 3 contests each half.

There will be a chance to win a car in each half of the show – 1 opportunity to the first three then another opportunity to the second three.

Following the 6 pricing games, there will be two showcases offered to determine who wins the show.

There is usually one car at least in one of the showcases and sometimes a car in both showcases.

So bottom line there is likely at least 3 opportunities to win a car during the show and at least a chance at a 4th opportunity.

I think somebody wins a car in the show.

StreakSmarter Pick
Yes: Car won in episode