[11:55 PM] Tyron Woodley v. Stephen Thompson

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Tyron Woodley (USA)

Stephen Thompson (USA)


Current odds:

Tyron Woodley: (+170)

Stephen Thompson: (-200)


How well Thompson performs across five rounds largely depends on how well he’s able to stay upright. The former kickboxing phenom hasn’t been taken down since Brown and laughed off a pair of attempts from NCAA Division-1 stud Johny Hendricks, which tells me his timing and reaction patterns are airtight. He doesn’t have Woodley’s power, but he doesn’t need it, slicing and dicing like a surgeon en route to seven wins by knockout/technical knockout.

Woodley’s lighting-fast hands and ridiculous power make him a dangerous fighter inside the phone booth. Robbie Lawler discovered that by trying his usual rock-em-sock-robot attack thinking he could take one to give one. Similarly, Dong Hyun Kim and Josh Koscheck did all the work for Woodley by planting their feet and trying to bang.

Expect Thompson to play cat and mouse, sticking and moving and frustrating his foe, which may not please the rowdy New Yorkers, but it will help him cruise to a sweep on the judges’ scorecards.

StreakSmarts Pick: Stephen Thompson (USA)

Confidence: 5/10

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