[12:05 AM] Will Brooks v. Alex Oliveira

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Will Brooks (USA)

Alex Oliveira (BRA)


Current odds:

Will Brooks: (-333)

Alex Oliveira: (+250)


Oliveira’s coming in overweight, which isn’t new, but he won’t be allowed to be above 175 pounds tomorrow. That hurts him as he might not be fully re-hydrated and rested.

In addition, Brooks will have the ability to physically push the pace. That won’t happen at a break-neck speed, but as just enough of a clip to wear him down slowly over time against the fence or in top position.

A game Oliveira can usually do a lot from his back as a submission threat, but Brooks is pretty disciplined there as well. This should be the American’s fight to lose.


StreakSmarts Pick: Will Brooks (USA)

Confidence: 5/10

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