[12:25 AM] Demetrious Johnson v. Tim Elliott

What will be the FIGHT RESULT?

Demetrious Johnson (USA): Wins By KO or TKO

Any Other Result


There is just simply a huge skill gap between ‘Mighty Mouse’ and the rest of the flyweights in this world, and that includes Tim Elliott.

Tim Elliott has a super funky style; he has legitimate grappling and is getting better on the feet.

Johnson is just so, so, so good; his muay Thai is fantastic, his clinch game is like no one else’s, his submissions are great — every single part of his game is great. That’s why he’s the pound-for-pound king.


StreakSmarts Pick: Demetrious Johnson (USA): Wins By KO or TKO

Confidence: 4/10

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