[9:40 PM] Paige VanZant v. Michelle Waterson

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Paige VanZant (USA)

Michelle Waterson (USA)


The key factor here is how much VanZant develops her in-fight decision making, because she’s aggressive as hell but that can be costly against someone like Waterson, who usually wins by stoppage.

Waterson’s got dynamic striking and fights with a ton of aggression and heart when she’s really on. The only problem with that is that it sometimes takes her a while to really heat things up and get to that point. Her guard game is dynamic and active, whether she’s using it to set up a submission off her back or create opportunities to get right up.

VanZant keeps things busy with her top control, striking until her opponent gives her something else to work with. That gives Waterson less opportunity to work off her back.


StreakSmarts Pick: Paige VanZant (USA)

Confidence: 5/10

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