Yahoo Fantasy Slate

Whenever I am notified of a new contest of Yahoo Fantasy Slate I will update this page with my entry. The below are a copy of my entry. You can make your own entry and compete in the Yahoo Sports App. You can turn on notifications to track your progress as each contest plays out.

Question: Wizards at Pacers, who wins?

Answer: Wizards


Question: Nets at Nuggets, who wins?


Answer: Nuggets


Question: Heat at Celtics, who wins?


Answer: Celtics


Question: Knicks at Clippers, who wins?

Answer: Clippers

Question: Suns at Lakers, who wins?

Answer: Suns


Question: Will Mike Trout hit a HR vs. LAD either Saturday or Sunday?

Answer: Yes

Question: Canadiens at Maple Leafs, who wins?

Answer: Maple Leafs
Question: Blues at Golden Knights, who wins?
Answer: Golden Knights 
Record for prior contest: 4/10 (NFL Draft)