6:10 pm
November 13

UFC Fight Night (Featherweight): #1 Holloway v. #3 Rodriguez

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

#1 Max Holloway (USA)

#3 Yair Rodriguez (MEX)


Current odds:

Max Holloway: (-700)

Yair Rodriguez: (+500)


It’s gonna have to take something wild from Yair to knock out the seemingly indestructible Max Holloway. The most we’ve seen him hurt was probably the opening round of the second Dustin Poirier fight. Apart from that he has a legendary ability to take clean shots. Rodriguez is no doubt a talented striker whose danger is ever-present until the literal last second of a fight.

Holloway, as is dictated by his own momentum-building style, can start a bit slow and get clipped early by shots—and also get a little defensively irresponsible late when he’s pouring huge buckets of offense on his (usually battered) opponents. Still, Yair’s lack of consistent combinations, unstructured footwork, and defensive gaps all make him ripe for the kind of consistent pummelling that Holloway has on offer.

StreakSmarter Pick
#1 Max Holloway (USA)