Sports Predictor Contest (College Basketball Predictor – NCAA Tournament – Men’s Sweet 16)

This is a copy of my entry for the Sports Predictor Contest – College Basketball – NCAA Tournament – Men’s Sweet 16. You can create your own entry in the sports predictor app under the free to play contests section.

Winner Illinois VS Iowa State?

Pick: Illinois by 4-7

Winner Clemson VS Arizona?

Pick: Arizona by 8+

Winner Alabama VS North Carolina?

Pick: North Carolina by 4-7

Winner San Diego State VS UConn?

Pick: UConn by 8+

Winner Creighton VS Tennessee?

Pick: Creighton by 4-7 

Winner NC State VS Marquette?

Pick: Marquette by 4-7

Winner Gonzaga VS Purdue?

Pick: Purdue by 4-7

Winner Duke VS Houston?

Pick: Houston by 4-7

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