Daily Pick’em Contest

Daily Pick’em Contest

This page is for the Daily Pick’em contest. Real simple game. You need to get 5 of the listed 7 picks correct each day to keep your points streak toward prizes going. Each day I will list the game and my pick for the game. You can download the app and play the game yourself via the app store. There are some small prizes from the game if you get a long enough point streak built up. If you don’t get the required amount correct each day you go back to 0. I will attempt to get my picks up by mid-afternoon. They might be some occasional days where I don’t get my picks posted.

Date: Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Game: Blue Jays @ Phillies (Spring Training)

Pick: Phillies

Game: Guardians @ Diamondbacks (Spring Training)

Pick:  Diamondbacks 

Game: Dodgers @ Angels (Spring Training)

Pick: Angels 

Game: Oilers @ Golden Knights

Pick: Golden Knights

Game: Canucks @ Blues

Pick: Blues

Game: Heat @ Raptors

Pick: Raptors

Game: Cavs @ Hawks

Pick: Hawks

Pick results from prior day: 5/7

My current point streak: 0

Total Points: 455