Covers College Football Pick’em (Bowls December 28th)

This page is a copy of my entry for the Covers Saturday College Football Pick’em Contest. You can make your own entry at the Covers website under free games by clicking in the College Football Pick’em contest once it is posted. You can also sign up for a reminder email from covers to complete your entry once the weeks contest is posted.

My entry for the week is as follows:

Question 1: Spread (Arkansas VS Kansas)

Answer: Arkansas -2.5

Question 2: Over/Under (Arkansas VS Kansas)

Answer: Over 69.5

Question 3: Highest scoring quarter?

Answer: 2nd Quarter

Question 4: Spead (UNC VS Oregon

Answer: UNC +13.5

Question 5: Over/Under (UNC VS Oregon)

Answer: Over 75.5

Question 6: Highest scoring quarter?

Answer: 2nd Quarter

Question 7: Spread (Ole Miss @ Texas Tech)

Answer: Ole Miss -3.5

Question 8: Over/Under (Ole Miss @ Texas Tech)

Answer: Under 72.5

Question 9: Highest scoring quarter? (Ole Miss @ Texas Tech)

Answer: 2nd Quarter

Tie-Breaker: Total Touchdowns In All Games in contest?

Answer: 28