Streak FT Cash (Pick Points – Moneyline Madness)

Streak FT Cash (Pick Points – Moneyline Madness)

This page is based off the website Streak for the Cash  – You can make your own entry for free at their website.

For more information on all games offered on their website use this link: Website Tutorial | StreakfortheCash

Moneyline Madness

Making 3 picks (moneylines only -250 & below) and winning all 3.

Win 3 =  0.25 points


Each pick point is worth $0.25.


This particular page is for the Pick Points –  Moneyline Madness contest. This page will be updated as close to daily as possible. This page and the picks listed below are a copy of my personal entry:

Date: June 18th, 2024

Pick #1: Arizona Diamondbacks 

Pick #2: Milwaukee Brewers

Pick #3: Indiana Fever 


Prior Days Record: 2-1