Covers: Monday Night Kickoff Pickoff (Bengals @ Browns)

This page is a copy of my entry for the Covers Monday Night Kickoff Pickoff Contest. You can make your own entry at the Covers website under free games by clicking in the Monday Night Kickoff Pickoff contest once it is posted. You can also sign up for a reminder email from covers to complete your entry once the weeks contest is posted.

My entry for the week is as follows:

Question: Spread (including overtime)?

Answer: Browns +3.5

Question: Over/Under (including overtime)?

Answer: Over 44.5

Question: 1st half Over/Under

Answer: Over 22.5

Question: CIN RB Joe Mixon Total Rushing Yards?

Answer: Under 67.5

Question: CLE WR Amari Cooper Total Receiving Yards

Answer: Over 55.5

Question: CIN QB Joe Burrow Total Passing Yards

Question: Tie Breaker: Total completed passes by both teams?
Answer: 42
Last Weeks Total: 4/6 (Bengals @ Browns)