Sports Predictor (Hockey Predictor – NHL Weekly Contest)

Sports Predictor (Hockey Predictor – NHL Weekly Contest)

This page is a copy of my entry for the Sports Predictor App NHL Hockey Weekly Contest under the free to play contests. You can make your own entry in the sports predictor app. Below is a copy of entry:

Date: March 28th, 2023

Game: Islanders @ Panthers

Winner: Panthers

Game: Flyers @ Canadiens

Winner: Flyers

Game: Capitals @ Maple Leafs

Winner: Capitals 

Game: Flames @ Blues

Winner: Blues

Game: Golden Knights @ Jets

Winner: Jets

Game: Kings @ Oilers

Winner: Oilers

Game: Rangers @ Avalanche

Winner: Avalanche 

Game: Stars @ Canucks

Winner: Canucks

Score Prior Week: 40 of 80 (March 21st)

Place Prior Week: 3,137 of 7,406 (March 21st)