NBA Pick’em

NBA Pick’em

Streak answer of the night: Celtics

Other answers for remaining picks:

1. Celtics

2. Celtics

3. Celtics

4. Warriors

5. No

6. Yes

7. No

8. No

9. Smart

Preseason Answers:

1. Brooklyn Nets

2. No

3. Anthony Davis

4. Cade Cunningham

5. Eastern Conference

6. Milwaukee Bucks

7. Utah Jazz

8. Bradley Beal

9. Russell Westbrook

10. No

11. Yes

12. No

13. Yes

14. Yes

15. No


NBA Pick-em point total from previous night: 80

NBA Pick’em point total for the season: 12170

Current Pick-em streak: W1

Longest Pick-em win streak for section: 8


Picks for that nights match-up will be posted by noon  of that day or as soon as I see that has updated the page. There maybe some days due to other site responsibilities I am not able to get answers posted but I will do my best.