Sports Predictor (Pick’N Roll – NBA Entry)

Sports Predictor (Pick’N Roll – NBA Entry)

This page is a copy of my entry for the Sports Predictor App NBA Pick’N Roll Contest under the free to play contests. You can make your own entry in the sports predictor app. Below is a copy of entry:

Date: November 17th, 2023

Game: Kings @ Spurs

Pick Selection: Kings by 8-11

Game: 76ers @ Hawks

Pick Selection: 76ers by 4-7

Game: Pistons @ Cavs

Pick Selection: Cavs by 8-11

Game: Celtics @ Raptors

Pick Selection: Celtics by 8-11

Game: Nuggets @ Pelicans

Pick Selection: Nuggets by 4-7

Game: Suns @ Jazz

Pick Selection: Suns by 4-7

Game: Rockets @ Clippers

Pick Selection: Clippers by 4-7

Game: Total Points Rockets @ Clippers

Pick Selection: 222


Score Prior Contest: 10/80

Ranking Prior Contest: 2,911 of 12,555