8:40 pm
December 15

UFC Fight Night: Sergio Pettis v. Rob Font

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Sergio Pettis (USA)

Rob Font (USA)


Current odds:

Sergio Pettis: (+140)

Rob Font: (-170)


Font’s problem has typically been a lack of depth- while he has a functional game built off the jab, front kick, right hand and step knee, he’s been able to be gotten to with either pure pressure (Lineker, Munhoz) or craft (Assuncao).

Pettis on the other hand has developed a lot of craft himself, including notably tight pressure footwork, but is still not a great athlete who can be overpowered. Either Font strands Pettis at distance and murders and/or just outwrestles him, or Pettis’ depth in close keeps Font on the back foot.

StreakSmarter Pick
Sergio Pettis (USA)