Hunch Pick Entry (NBA – 2/12/2024)

The following are my picks for the day for those who use Hunch sports predictor app:

Game: Pacers @ Hornets

Pick: Pacers

Game: 76ers @ Cavaliers

Pick: Cavaliers

Game: Bulls @ Hawks

Pick: Hawks

Game: Spurs @ Raptors

Pick: Raptors

Game: Knicks @ Rockets

Pick: Knicks

Game: Pelicans @ Grizzlies

Pick: Pelicans

Game: Nuggets @ Bucks

Pick: Bucks

Game: Wizards @ Mavericks

Pick: Mavericks

Game: Warriors @ Jazz

Pick: Jazz

Game: Timberwolves @ Clippers

Pick: Clippers


Hunch NBA Stats going into the day: 

NBA Hunch Current Record for Week: 34-12

NBA Hunch Percentage for Week: 73.9%

NBA Hunch Ranking for Week: 10

NBA Hunch Current Record for Month: 52-19

NBA Hunch Percentage for Month: 73.2%

NBA Hunch Ranking for Month: 28

NBA Hunch Record for Season: 516-251

NBA Hunch Percentage Correct for Season: 67.3%

NBA Season Hunch Ranking: 12

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