King of Covers (NHL)

This post is a direct copy of my King of Covers entry for the NHL Contest. You can make your own at the Covers website under the King of The Covers section and enter the NHL Contest. The stats for the contest will be maintained under that page and updated once a week.

Game: Kings @ Bruins

Pick(s) Units: Bruins +500, Over +300

Game: Anaheim @ Montreal

Pick(s) Units: Montreal +300, Under +200

Game: Blue Jackets @ Lightning

Pick(s) Units: Lightning +400, Over ++200

Game: Philadelphia @ New Jersey

Pick(s) Units: New Jersey +300, Over +200

Game: Pittsburgh @ Florida

Pick(s) Units: Florida +200, Under +200

Game: Dallas @ Washington

Pick(s) Units: Dallas +100, Under +200

Game: Maple Leafs @ Rangers

Pick(s) Units: Maple Leafs +200, Under +100

Game: Seattle @ Carolina

Pick(s) Units: Carolina +400, Under +200

Game: Predators @ Jets

Pick(s) Units: Jets +300, Over +200

Game: Vegas @ Chicago

Pick(s) Units: Vegas +400, Over +200

Game: Buffalo @ Colorado

Pick(s) Units: Colorado +200, Over +200 

Game: Blues @ Oilers

Pick(s) Units: Oilers +300, Over +200 

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