7:05 pm
September 30

Orioles @ Yankees: First PA

What will be the result of the FIRST PLATE APPEARANCE?

Hit, Walk or Strikeout

Any Other Result


The starting line-up for Baltimore is as follows:

Orioles at Yankees | O's Starting Lineup | MASN | 7:05 p.m. First Pitch

CF - Mullins
C - Rutschman
RF - Santander
1B - Mountcastle
3B - Henderson
2B - Vavra
LF - Hays
DH - Stowers
SS - Mateo
P - Lyles

Photo features Stowers loading his front leg as a pitch is about to be delivered.

•  Mullins 9 prior plate appearances off German he has a walk, a hit and a strikeout over those appearances.

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Any Other Result