[12:10 AM] Dan Henderson v. Michael Bisping

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Dan Henderson (USA)

Michael Bisping (ENG)


Current odds:

Dan Henderson: (+200)

Michael Bisping: (-250)


Henderson can still knock anyone out, but this will be a real uphill battle for him. Michael Bisping on the other hand, has been putting it all together and stringing better combinations that I don’t think Henderson’s declining durability can handle.

Bisping is either going to volume-strike Hendo to hell and then knock him out in the later rounds, or he’ll get him with a power shot that puts him down and then Bisping finishes with his underrated ground-and-pound.

Henderson has had a great career but his recent record suggests that the H-Bomb isn’t landing with any sort of regularity.

StreakSmarts Pick: Michael Bisping (ENG)

Confidence: 5/10

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