[9:05 PM] Sage Northcutt v. Mickey Gall

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

Sage Northcutt (USA)

Mickey Gall (USA)


Mickey Gall has 3 wins in his entire MMA career and one of them is against an aged pro wrestler who has no business fighting literally anyone on the entire UFC roster. Northcutt has more in-cage experience and has great athletic gifts, but Gall figures to have the advantage on the ground and has been training at established, quality camps for years, whereas Sage does it off-and-on.

Northcutt is 10x more experienced than Mickey Gall, while still being relatively inexperienced. Still, Northcutt’s problems with aggressive grapplers haven’t gone away, and Gall may be the best athlete that Northcutt has faced in the UFC so far.

Gall’s a hungry grappler with a hard-nosed style, and now he’s the one training at Tristar, not Northcutt. All fights start standing, which is clearly where Sage will outshine Gall.


StreakSmarts Pick: Mickey Gall (USA)

Confidence: 4/10

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